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People often ask us, “when buying a fresh air conditioning, what SEER value can you recommend?” There’re sort of shocked to see our answer…we usually recommend only a 14 SEER air conditioning unit, and in most, relatively rare occasions (think desert areas), we recommend 16 SEER. “But Tim! Our contractor said that if we have the 21 SEER air conditioning equipment for $3,000 more, it may well purchase itself in a mere quite a while!” If that’s true, then I furthermore have a bridge to offer you…firstly, you made two mistakes: one, you listened with a contractor; avoid that (I find out what you’re thinking…my lady just said a similar thing: “but aren’t you a contractor?”). Two, do not be so gullible!

תיקון מזגןSEER signifies Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it’s an objective methods of evaluating the efficiency of an air conditioner. To put it simply, the larger the SEER value, the greater efficient a unit is…if it is brand new, inside of a laboratory. Imagine SEER as being kind of like Miles-Per-Gallon (MPG) on your car. But let’s think for any second…if you pick your car that gets 30 MPG, does which means that that you’re going to get 30 MPG as you race top to bottom the 405 freeway at 90 miles-per-hour, playing slalom while using the commuters? Of course not.

The Trouble with Buying High-SEER Air Conditioners

Unlike MPG, SEER can be bit misleading when selecting a whole new air conditioner. That’s because SEER values given to that you are calculated inside a lab setting, using a very specific set of parameters (the depths ones lay beyond your scope of this article; do that if you need to nerd-out: AHRI – Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute – SEER Calculation). Help, no-one in real life lives like that. Do that suits you your AC set to 72 degrees, or AirConIsrael 68? Do you live in Montana, or in Palmdale, California? You can find too many variables to generate a statement as rash as: “you’ll pay for it over its 10-15 year lifetime.” This brings me to my next point – reliability.

Whenever we make our suggestions for buying a different ac, reliability is a large factor for people like us at ASM. We simply can’t recommend a unit with reliability issues, and so far, I are not all of that impressed while using the high-efficiency ac units that Possess seen up to now (high efficiency means above 16 SEER). They typically use two-stage compressors, טכנאי מזגנים and I honestly do not believe we now have is rather there yet. We obtain plenty of repair calls on these, and oh, by-the-way, the various for them are about 2 or 3 times the expense of those for the cheaper SEER models. Therefore, when you step beyond the laboratory and into the real world, start factoring in maintenance and repair costs, תיקון מזגנים we’ve found the greater SEER units to you have to be costly, usually, on the consumer.

“But Tim, then how does my contractor keep saying I will upgrade to the high-SEER unit and cut costs?” Ah, the important answer; we have that too. A better solution is they will set you back, because you asked, they are able to mark them up higher, טכנאי מזגנים and as a consequence, make more profit. The fact is, when selecting an air conditioning, some brands could possibly be double for your high-SEER version alternatives standard AC units. This is the same reason that McDonald’s asks you in order to “Super-Size” your meal, and car salesmen try to offer the “luxury package.” A common difference is, and air conditioning is utilitarian – it serves a simple, mechanical purpose – so, about to catch getting plush leather and heated seats on your extra money.

For AirConIsrael your guidance, federal regulations require a baseline SEER worth of 13 SEER on all newly installed ac units, which continues to be significantly better than the product you have already (which is probably an existing 7 or 10 SEER model). Living in California, you might imagine, federal regulations aren’t enough…we start to use more regulations (sigh)! So, in California, the minimum SEER requirement is 14 SEER.


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