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So you want to be an Internet Millionaire?

So you want to be an Internet … you got a computer for … and want to make itpay for itself? For all the Internet … I have oneword … You will be … daily wit So you want to be an Internet Millionaire? So you got a computer for Christmas and want to make it pay for itself? For all the Internet “Newbies” I have one word “Beware”. You will be bombarded daily with messages on “How to make $50,000.00 per month with XYZ program for “only” $39.95″.

If anyone tells you that you can make $50,000.00 per month doing nothing – they are lying to you. Yes, you can make a living on the Internet, but you will have to work at your business just as any other business does. I have been working on the Internet for 2 years and at first I joined every program that came along. Please don’t make the same mistakes I did. I spent approximately $2000.

00 on different programs, all promising to make me an Internet success. What do I have to show for it? A bunch of over-exposed ebooks and quite a few “affiliate” web sites that haven’t made me a dime. So with that in mind, I thought I would share my tips for a good quality program with you. Tip # 1 – If a program promises you large amounts of money for doing nothing, run, don’t walk, away from it. Tip # 2 – Any program you are considering should allow you to correspond with real people who are already successful with the program.

Tip # 3 – No program should cost a large amount of money to join. Tip # 4 – If you do have to spend money to join the program, they should offer a money back guarantee. Tip # 5 – The program should offer training and not just leave you on your own to sink or swim. Tip # 6 – The program should never, ever condone spamming. If you do spam, you will not make any money and you run the risk of being shut down and possibly prosecuted.

Tip # 7 – The program should offer an actual product, not just a downline building program. If you have a good product at a good price, you can be successful on the Internet. Tip # 8 – You should be prepared to spend money on your business. You will need to market and Panduan Togel promote your business just as you would an offline business. Tip # 9 – You should have your own domain. A domain name of your own is essential to success.

Tip # 10 – If possible you should have a mentor who is already successful. I don’t know what I would do without my mentor. (Thanks Jan !!!) Tip # 11 – You should publish a newsletter or Ezine to keep in contact with potential customers and make sure you offer good, quality content. No one wants to receive an Ezine that is nothing but rehashed articles and ads. Limit the number of ads you run, even if you are selling ad space.


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